Our story

back2earth is a 501(c)(3) environmental nonprofit

It wasn't always a project...

In 2017, Ugo Angeletti, at the time a senior in high school, was tasked with an assignment in his AP Environmental Science class.

The assignment: to determine the typical categories of people’s trash. Little did he (or his sisters) know, this assignment would propel him into the amazing path that led him to found back2earth. 

His passion for the environment grew way beyond the classroom and concentrated itself on the issue of landfills and, consequently, composting. He enlisted the help of his sisters, Emma, Anna, and Mila, to start a movement: to grow gardens, not landfills. 

They have created multiple programs to spread awareness, elicit action, and advocate for the establishment of composting as a regular process in the lives of individuals as well as in the environmental efforts of cities.

For example, the Compost 101 program revolves around educating individuals on the power of compost in diverting food from landfills and securing a healthier future for this generation and the next. Ugo, Emma, Anna and Mila continue to build upon their passion for this movement, developing a vast and important network of dedicated people. They are just getting started!

Our team

Ugo Angeletti

CEO & Co-Founder

Emma Angeletti

Director of Programs & Research

Anna Angeletti

Compost Station Manager

Mila Angeletti

Volunteer Manager

Leo Blanchard

Director of Ambassadors & Digital Advisor
Past & Present

We've done a lot!

We have an entire timeline to showcase it all!

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last updated on 7/21/20

back2earth sets foot on new program: The back2earth Ambassadors.

Once again at back2earth’s core mission, we’re aiming to educate and inspire a generation to compost. In order to educate on a more nationwide and even international level, we’re investing and developing an free-to-access educational platform aimed at centralizing composting questions in the form of high-quality video content. More to come…

Late 2021

back2earth’s Compost 4 All program crosses the 45,000 threshold of total lbs of food scraps diverted from landfills

Ever since its inception, back2earth’s Compost 4 All program has been working to reduce the amount of local amount of food scraps entering landfills. Year 2021, and we’re doing just that.

Mid 2021

back2earth’s Compost 4 KIDS program crosses 1,500 threshold of students educated on the subject of composting.

While back2earth’s core mission has always been to educate a wide audience on the subject of composting, kids/teens are somewhat of our main priority as they remain 100% of tomorrow’s future.

Early 2021

back2earth Compost 101 program crosses the 3,000 threshold of adults educated on the subject of composting.

Aimed at specifically educating an older population, adults, we help them proper decision on how they could incorporate composting tomorrow as part of their daily routine. In addition, and most importantly, adults tend to share their own education and principles with their kids if they have any.


Where we're heading

To inspire a generation to compost

Late 2021

Launch back2earth’s Ambassador Program

Wanting to expand the back2earth Miami compost movement across Florida and the nation, we’re building the team and resources needed to do so. The back2earth Ambassador program will incorporate a growing number of environment-interested individuals wanting to find their inner passion in environmental activism and change making.

Early 2022

Launch of the back2earth Academy

Seeing how far back2earth’s educational opportunities have grown in Miami, we’re always looking for the next big thing. We strongly believe the back2earth Academy will do just that, but on a wider scale. High quality video content geared for millions to view.